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Saci-pererê is a very mischievous creature who enjoys playing games with animals and people.
According to the stories, his main pranks are braiding the tails of animals at night, hiding objects (such as seamstresses' thimbles), whistling very loudly to frighten travelers, changing the salt container for the sugar one, and distract the cooks so they can burn the food.

Saci is the guardian of herbs and medicinal plants, so it confuses people who try to take them without authorization. He knows the preparation techniques and knows how to use the plants for medicinal purposes.

The legend guarantees that to capture the Saci-pererê, the person must throw a sieve in the eddies of the wind. In this way, after capturing it, it is necessary to remove its cap to trap it in a bottle.

It is believed that the Saci was born from the bamboo shoot, remaining there until the age of seven and, after that period, it lives another seventy-seven years practicing its pranks among humans and animals.